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We Fix Traffic Tickets of All Types in St. Louis, St. Charles and Jefferson County

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This website is a resource for St. Louis drivers seeking to fix a ticket issued for any type of traffic violation. Contained in these pages, drivers will find all they need to know about the various services we provide. Our primary goal is to assist St. Louis drivers who have received a traffic charge and are seeking to fix a ticket in order to save valuable time and money, reduce the need for court appearances, and keep harmful points from damaging their driving record. Our lawyers can achieve ticket amendment or reduction in almost any circumstance. The key is that drivers contact us promptly in order to challenge harmful charges before they become a part of one's permanent driving record.

Our lawyers bring a wealth of experience and a strong track record to their work. With expertise in representing clients in small and large cases both locally and nationally, we are prepared to stand firm on your behalf by fixing your ticket to protect your driving rights. We are committed to a belief that each client deserves the individual attention of one of our lawyers in order to resolve their traffic charges in the best possible manner.

Traffic Tickets Raise Insurance Rates - Our St. Louis Traffic Law Firm Helps to Keep Them Low!

Traffic charges can have a significant impact on a driver's long term record. Whenever a moving violation such as a speeding ticket is added to a driver's record, points accumulate that count as strikes against the driver. When too many points accumulate, the driver's license will be suspended or revoked. For this reason, even drivers receiving first time charges have a strong vested interest in fixing a ticket and therefore removing or downgrading harmful charges to avoid jeopardizing their driving privilege in the future. Incurring points on one's driving record can also result in spikes in a driver's car insurance premiums. Our attorneys have a high rate of success in fixing speeding tickets and other moving violations.

No matter the type of charge faced, our lawyers are prepared to work on your behalf. Our goal is to reduce the time and money our clients must spend to resolve their charges, and to that end we are successful at getting most tickets and charges amended or dropped. We specialize in fixing tickets in order to lessen penalties, reduce convictions, and eliminate harmful driving record points and stressful court appearances. It is our foremost goal to fix your ticket in order to keep you on the road or have your license reinstated in a timely manner.

Our firm represents clients in all types of St. Louis speeding ticket and traffic ticket cases, including but not limited to the following circumstances:

Speeding Tickets: If you have received a speeding ticket in St. Louis, you already know that the repercussions of such a charge can haunt you for years to come. To learn more about how to fix a speeding ticket, complete our online contact form and we'll contact you promptly.

Stop Sign Tickets: Failing to stop, rolling stop and other stop sign moving violations traffic tickets also result in points being assessed to your driver's license. Find out how our

Stoplight Tickets: For drivers seeking to fix a stop light ticket, our attorneys offer the best legal services in the St. Louis area. Our primary goals are to save you money in the long run and remove harmful points from your record in order to protect your driver's license.

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI): A DWI charge can have a long term impact on your driving record and will lead to an automatic license suspension if the charge is not amended by a lawyer. To fix a DWI ticket, contact our firm for a free consultation on your case.

Minor in Possession: Minor in possession charges are among the most serious traffic charges that can be given to drivers. Many minors and their families are not aware of the serious consequences that may result from having this charge on your permanent record. To learn about how we can fix a minor in possession ticket, contact our firm for a free consultation with no further obligation.

Driving while Suspended: Persons who are charged with driving while suspended can expect to encounter heavy fines and a longer period of suspension. This is a charge that also frequently leads to increases in a driver's insurance rate and can never be removed once recorded on a driver's record. For information about fixing a minor in possession ticket, read our informational page or contact our firm for a free initial consultation.

When You Get a Traffic Ticket, Contact the St. Louis Traffic Lawyers at

Above all, drivers that have received a speeding ticket, stop sign or stoplight ticket, DWI ticket, minor in possession ticket, driving while suspended ticket or any other traffic ticket should be warned not to ignore the charge. In the worst of cases, missing a court date can lead to being arrested. At the least, failing to pay the fee associated with a ticket can harm your credit score. Often, drivers who receive St. Louis traffic tickets assume that the simplest course of action is to simply pay the fee and move on with life. Unbeknownst to many, this is equivalent to accepting guilt for the charge and it can jeopardize your future access to a license. Once there is a moving violation on your record, your car insurance rates may jump and you'll begin to incur points against your driving record. Simply paying a ticket may cost drivers significant sums of money and the privilege to drive in future years.

Most drivers know that getting a moving violation in St. Louis can have long term consequences. Many drivers aren't aware of the quite limited period of time during which a driver may challenge such a charge. For example, if you are charge with driving while intoxicated, you must request a hearing within fifteen days to avoid having your license revoked. Drivers who are seeking to fix a ticket in St. Louis are advised to act promptly. Complete our contact form to set up a free consultation today, for a review of your particular situation and answers to your questions. We work both to minimize the time and money our clients spend in resolving harmful charges as well as to get our clients back on the road as soon as possible. Simply complete our contact form to receive a free initial consultation to learn about how we can fix your ticket.