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Get a DUI in St. Louis, St. Charles or Jefferson County? We can fix it!

Lawyers Reducing St. Louis DUI Tickets

We provide legal representation to individuals who are seeking to fix a DUI ticket in St. Louis. Our primary task is to fix DUI tickets in order to lessen or eliminate the charges recorded on our clients' permanent records, thereby limiting the fees owed as well as the long term consequences of a DUI. The following paragraphs summarize the legal services we offer and explain how we can fix your DUI ticket. It is not uncommon for St. Louis DUI tickets to lead to a driver accumulating significant monetary penalties, losing their driver's license for a lengthy period of time, and incurring harmful points on their record. Hiring a lawyer to represent your legal interests and fix your ticket can dramatically better your situation. Our clients expect the best legal representation when they come to our firm, and we are proud to provide individualized and highly successful services to fix your DUI ticket.

The complexity of fixing a DUI ticket is one of the leading reasons our clients choose our firm over others. Unlike simpler traffic charges whose resolution tends to be more routine, DUI charges in St. Louis are governed by two distinct laws: criminal alcohol law and administrative alcohol law. We work on behalf of clients' interests in each of these areas, forming a two-pronged approach to successfully and speedily achieving license reinstatement on behalf of our clients.

Administrative alcohol law determines the automatic suspension of a driver's license following receipt of a DUI charge. This occurs separate from any accumulation of points, and is a routine penalty for St. Louis DUI charges. Drivers have two weeks to appeal a DUI charge in St. Louis, after which time the charge becomes a part of their driving record and the license suspension goes into effect. An experienced lawyer can appeal this charge in order to mitigate the period of time a person loses driving privileges. Our clients are pleased to find that we can fix most DUI tickets, thereby achieving license reinstatement much more rapidly than occurs in the absence of legal representation.

The other section of the law that is applicable to DUI charges in St. Louis is criminal alcohol law. Under this statute, drivers who are caught operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol content in excess of the legal limit are issued a St. Louis DUI ticket. As with other serious St. Louis traffic infractions, carrying a St. Louis DUI ticket on your record means accumulating points, which eventually can lead to the loss of one's privilege to drive. We can fix your DUI ticket in order to limit or eliminate points and protect your privilege to drive.

The first DUI charge a person receives in St. Louis has negative consequences, but the penalties associated with subsequent charges tend to be even more egregious. No matter if you are facing your first or a repeat offense, we have a strong track record of successfully fixing DUI tickets in St. Louis, including the timely reinstatement of driving privileges after a St. Louis DUI charge. Without fixing a DUI ticket, drivers facing initial charges typically face a license suspension of 90 days. Commercial drivers face stricter penalties, given their professional status and the fact that commercial vehicles pose a much greater risk to the public. In fact, professional commercial drivers can expect to have their license suspended for a year if they do not engage a lawyer to fix a DUI ticket. Multiple DUI charges in St. Louis can cost a driver there license for one or more years, based on the other details of the situation. The consequences of initial and repeat St. Louis DUI charges can be rather punishing to Missouri drivers, due to the penalty fees associated with the charge as well as the loss of one's driving privilege. Hiring a successful lawyer to fix your DUI ticket can bring about a positive improvement to your circumstances by achieving the reduction or elimination of harmful charges from your record.

It is common knowledge about that DUI charges can lead to significant fines and license suspension. Many of our clients are not aware, however, of the short window of time they have to fix a DUI ticket before the penalties of the charge go into effect. In the case of St. Louis DUI charges, a hearing must be requested within fifteen days following the issuance of charge. If this window is missed, the driver will be subject to automatic license suspension.

Our Lawyers Can Defend Your St. Louis-Area Driving Under the Influence Charges

Our lawyers pride themselves on offering expert legal services in an individualized manner; among our services, potential clients are entitled to a free consultation about fixing a DUI ticket as a courtesy of our firm. We endeavor to fix DUI tickets in order to save our clients valuable time and money, limit or eliminate their need to go to court, and achieve drivers' license reinstatement as quickly as possible.