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Get a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) Ticket in St. Louis, St. Charles or Jefferson County? We can fix it!

Lawyers Defending St. Louis Speeding Tickets to No Points Violations

We work on behalf of motorists who have received a charge for allegedly driving while intoxicated (DWI) and are seeking a way of fixing a DWI ticket. St. Louis DWI charges are serious in nature, and can have significant consequences for drivers many years into the future. In the following paragraphs, you'll find information about the services we provide to drivers seeking to fix a St. Louis DWI charge. This page also offers information about the ways in which St. Louis DWI tickets may affect your future as a driver, tactics to maintain lower monthly car insurance rates, and the benefits of engaging a lawyer to fix a DWI ticket.

Fixing your DWI ticket can be of benefit on numerous levels for drivers who have received first time or repeat DWI charges in St. Louis. One of the primary goals of our lawyers is to lessen the time and money our clients must spend to fix DWI tickets. Another important aim of ours is to keep our clients out of court whenever possible. As leading DWI lawyers, we can, in most cases, fix St. Louis DWI tickets. Hiring a lawyer to advocate on your behalf for fixing a DWI ticket has long lasting benefits.

DWI charges are not as straightforward as many other driving charges, and for this reason alone, many motorists prefer to have legal representation. In St. Louis and throughout the entire state of Missouri, DWI charges are governed by two separate laws: criminal alcohol law and administrative alcohol law. Our lawyers have a wealth of experience bringing about positive outcomes for clients in regards to both of these portions of St. Louis DWI law.

Criminal Alcohol Law is the portion of Missouri law that leads to an actual St. Louis DWI ticket being issued. Drivers who are convicted of DWI in St. Louis will incur points against their record based on Criminal Alcohol Law.  Points that incur from St. Louis DWI tickets or other traffic charges count as strikes against the driver's record and can eventually lead to the short or long term loss of one's license.

In addition, Administrative Alcohol Law also is called into question when a driver is charged with DWI in St. Louis. Administrative Alcohol Law mandates that a driver's license be subject to automatic suspension or revocation as a result of a DWI charge. This occurs separately from the accumulation of points, meaning that a driver who is charged with DWI in St. Louis faces two potential suspensions. This automatic suspension is a penalty for being found driving with a blood alcohol content that exceeds the permitted limit. If not challenged within a short initial period of 15 days, the revocation or suspension will go into effect automatically. In order to prevent this, drivers must engage legal representation to fix your DWI ticket in a timely manner after receiving the charge.

Repeat St. Louis DWI charges can incur even harsher penalties for drivers. Our lawyers work on behalf of motorists who have received one or more DWI charges, and in most cases we will be able to fix your DWI ticket. Our lawyers are able to have St. Louis DWI charges downgraded, as well as reduce the fees owed, and reinstate the driver's license after a St. Louis DWI allegation. Without fixing your DWI ticket, first time charges result in a 90 day license suspension. Commercial drivers who receive a DWI for driving with a blood alcohol content of .04% or greater will lose their privilege to drive for a year without the assistance of a lawyer to fix the DWI ticket. Individuals who face multiple or repeat St. Louis DWI charges will have their license revoked for at least a year, and may even face a five- or ten-year license denial. Whether you are facing a St. Louis DWI charge for the first time or you have received a repeat offense, the charge may haunt your driving record for years to come. Hiring a knowledgeable and reputable lawyer to fix a DWI ticket is the best way to protect your driving privilege.

Our Lawyers Can Defend Your St. Louis-Area Driving While Intoxicated Charges

To learn about how working with our lawyers can benefit you, fill out the contact form on this website. This site answers general questions about our DWI lawyer services, but queries related to your individual circumstances require an individual response. We will be pleased to provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation today.