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Get a Stoplight Ticket in St. Louis, St. Charles or Jefferson County? We can fix it!

Lawyers Reducing St. Louis Stoplight Tickets to No Points Violations

This page contains information for drivers seeking to fix a stoplight ticket in St. Louis. Stoplight tickets are moving violations that can have a number of different consequences once listed on a driver's record. This page outlines those consequences and explains how we can improve your circumstances by fixing your ticket.

Stoplight tickets are moving violations and as such they result in points being incurred against a driver's record. Once a given number of points accumulate, St. Louis drivers face the potential for license suspension. Losing one's license for a period of time ranges from an inconvenience to a threat to a person's livelihood. Simple routine tasks such as going to the grocery store or commuting to work become logistically difficult or even impossible without a driver's license. Even if you have just received your first violation, it is wise to fix your ticket rather than accumulate harmful points. By downgrading your ticket to a non-moving violation, we can keep points off your record and protect your license.

Traffic charges such as a stoplight ticket can also result in increased auto insurance premiums. Any kind of traffic charge gives an insurance company an excuse to raise their rates. When a driver's rates are increased as a result of a ticket, the cost of the violation balloons far beyond the penalty fee attached to the charge. This is another reason you may consider hiring a lawyer to fix your ticket.

You may have received a stoplight ticket as a result of a red light camera. These are automated cameras that are mounted on stop lights and are designed to catch drivers running red lights. However, like any machine, these cameras are not perfect, and some drivers are issued stop light tickets for times they were not even driving. If this is the case for you, contact our lawyers to learn how we can fix a stop light ticket to improve your circumstances. Failing to fix a St. Louis stop light ticket may have unexpected ramifications down the road, such as increases in auto insurance premiums and even the loss of your driving privilege.

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Fixing your ticket is our primary goal. We can amend or downgrade any traffic charge in order to reduce points from a driver's record, keep costs low and preserve the privilege to drive. By hiring a lawyer to fix a ticket, you are making a prudent choice for your future.